We are an internationally recognized authority on credentials evaluation and verification of the education, registration and licensure of nurses and health care professionals across the globe.

For certain health care professionals
seeking to obtain visas
to work in the United States

VisaScreen® Expedited Review Service
Now Available!

For nurses who need
course-by-course comparisons
of education to U.S. standards for licensure,
further education and employment

Expedited CES Review Service
Now Available!

For registered and practical nurses, occupational
therapists and assistants, and physical therapists
and assistants educated outside the United States
seeking to work in New York State

For nurses that need an evaluation of their credentials,
an English language exam and the
CGFNS Qualifying Exam® to fulfill U.S. state
licensure or immigration requirements.

For nurses in countries outside the United States
wanting to test their nursing knowledge
against international standards
Satisfies certain immigration requirements

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